Scholarly books

Lacey, J. 2016. Sonic Rupture: concepts, tools and methods for urban soundscape design, Bloomsbury Publishing: USA.


Scholarly book chapters

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Journal articles

Lacey, J., Pink, S., Harvey, L., Moore, S., Sumartojo, S. and Duque, M. (2019) “A listening-based methodology for motorway noise design”, Qualitative Research Journal, Vol. 19, No. 1.

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Conference papers

Lacey, J. 2019. “Thoughts Towards a Fourth Phase of Soundscape Research: (re)merging quantitative and artistic practice”, in Proceedings of the 48th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering (INTER-NOISE), Madrid, 16-19 June 2019.

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Lacey, J. 2012. “Revoicing the Urban Soundscape: a Case Study of Soundscape Design Interventions at RMIT University”, Northern World Mandate, Helsinki, Finland, 24-26 May 2012, Cumulus Helsinki Conference.


Industry Reports        

Lacey, J., Pink, S., Harvey, L., Qiu, X, Sumartojo, S., Zhao, S., Moore, S. and Duque, M. (2017) “Acoustic design innovations for managing traffic noise by cancellation and transformation”, RMIT University (contact author).



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Lacey J. Noise Meditations: 4-channel diffusion, Invisible Places Sounding Cities: Sound, urbanism and Sense of Place, 18-20 July, 2014, Viseu, Portugal.

Lacey J. Subterranean Voices, Liquid Architecture, 31st Aug & 1st Sept 2013, The Trench, Federation Square, Melbourne

Lacey J. Revoicing the Striated Soundscape: 8-channel sound diffusion, Interactive: The Australasian Computer Music Conference, 15-18 July 2012, Australian Computer Music Association.

Lacey J. Audio Architecture Soundwalks, 24 hr Design Camp, Arts Centre Melbourne, 2012.


I have some of my publications uploaded to ResearchGate, which can be accessed for free. In time all my publications will be loaded here.