A live recording of my creative practice PhD examination.

A post-PhD talk on my experiences of canditure.


   New Books Network Podcast, interview about my book Sonic Rupture, New Books Network, 15th June 2017.

   Listening Across Disciplines: Perspectives on listening with sound artist Jordan Lacey, London College of Communication, 2016.


   Communication Mixdown, Radio interview on sonic identity, 3CR Radio, 30th November 2017.

   Parallel Lines, Radio interview on installation practice, RRR Radio, 31st May 2017.

   Sonic Rupture: a three-part creative investigation of international sound installations, Soundproof, ABC, 2016.

   Future Proof, Radio interview on Soundscape Design Practice, RRR Radio, 26th January 2015.

   Acoustic Architecture, Interview on Into the Music, Radio National, 21st September 2013.

   Iā€™m Really Conscious of Myself Talking Here, Frequency Oz on Deep Wireless, 2011.

Online articles

Sound in the City: Translating Ambiance, interview with Tracey Clements for Foreground Magazine, 2019.

How the sound in your office affects your mood, interviewed by BBC Future, 2018.

   Let Cities Speak: Reclaiming a Place for Community With Sound, The Conversation: Academic rigour, journalistic flair, 2017.

   We Need a New Relationship with Urban Noise, The Conversation: Academic rigour, journalistic flair, 2015.  

   Let Cities Speak: What Sounds Define Us Now?, The Conversation: Academic rigour, journalistic flair, 2015.

   Dreaming of Urban Sound Parks, Klankatlas, 2015.


   Transurban, RMIT University team up to tackle road noise, The Australian, January 25 2015.

   Many Minds Make Light Work, The Age, July 14 2012, p.22.


The Conversation is a forum for academics to disseminate research to an international audience.


News related to my music and sound installation practice.


Sound files of installations, field recordings and archived music projects.

Various reflections on my travels, academic work and philosophical musings.

Repository for natural and urban field recordings, and soundscape compositions.

Videos of music clips, sound installation footage and archival live performance.